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FRG Asset Management 

Our purpose is to deliver solutions which enable organizations/ownership to achieve their goals and objectives. Personalizing the service experience to each client, we work with the organization/ownership strategic plan, annual budget, and the contracted scope of services agreed upon. Our Asset Managers partner with vendors to support governance, policy and strategic goals setting. Our expertise and experience allow association leadership to focus on the design of their own growth and success while we manage the day-to-day business. Please contact us to learn more about our full-service management capabilities.


Property management provides professional and effective management services that help property owners to achieve their financial and operational goals for their rental properties while providing high-quality living experiences for tenants.

  • Marketing vacancies

  • Screening tenants

  • Lease signing

  • Rent collection

  • Handling tenant issues

  • Maintenance and repairs

  • Move in/Move Out

  • Evictions

  • Accounting

Asset Management

Investment management brings a holistic view to managing properties to optimize your wealth

  • Investment management seeks to maximize short and long term propery value
  • Maximize operating income which defines your future property valuation
  • Track property value appreciation over time
  • Plan for capital investments (e.g., roofing, hot water heaters)
  • Incorporates tax impacts of depreciation, interest payments, and other deductibles.
  • Minimize tenant turnover and unnecessary expenses.
  • Track growth in property equity


  • Accountability – Our commitment to the daily tasks and acknowledgment of our specific obligation to our client. These obligations involve specific actions that is thoroughly completed in order to fulfill the role as a asset manager

  • Automation - Will help streamline those repetitive tasks and save valuable time. As a result, we can focus on the areas that need your personal attention that allows for growth.

  • Communication – Is an essential part of creating an amazing tenant and ownership experience. Establishing clear expectations minimizes conflicts, which can will a significant impact on satisfaction and retention.



  • Standard Fees: 8 to 10%

  • Leasing fee: 50% of first month’s rent

  • Lease renewal fee: $200 Eviction fee: $400

Ala Carte Services

  • Tenant placement only- fee is 100% of first month’s rent

  • Maintenance Only- 10% to 15% up charge.

  • Eviction Only- $500

Added Bonuses

  • Month-to-month agreement.

  • We have to earn your business every month.

  • No early termination fees.

  • No on boarding fee.

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